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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 12, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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home in san leandro. this man is being taken into custody. police have surrounded this home in san leandro. this is off marina boulevard exit. this is happening just about five minutes ago. this is off the marina boulevard exit in san leandro near the englander bar. this has happened in about the last hour. about 4:45 this evening, police and s.w.a.t. surrounded this home. this man has been taken into custody. we'll continue to follow the story. once again, live pictures in san leandro. this neighborhood has been barricaded for about 60 minutes now. it looks like it might be coming to an end in san leandro. we'll continue to follow the story throughout this newscast. we're also following a developing story in fremont. a grass fire that's burning around power lines at the base
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of mission peak. you can see there are homes in the area. fortunately, though, we've just learned crews have this fire under control. once again, off mission boulevard, we'll monitor the situation throughout this hour. and a new twist, the f.b.i. investigation of a san francisco political consul tantd. tonight, there's a link to the sacramento area. nbc's jodi hernandez is in the capitol with the latest for us. >> raj, we're learning there may be a tie to a similar case in sacramento. the suspect in that case appeared in federal court here this afternoon, facing some very serious 5:00izations of his own. >> 29-year-old james malcolm pled not guilty in federal court this afternoon to explosives and firearms charges after a two-month federal investigation that included searches of
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malcolm's home where investigators seized wechs and samples of deadly chemicals. we believe he may have manufactured explosives and some other materials. >> tonight, we're learning it may have been the malcolm case that led investigators to ryan chamberlain. >> this case is on going with respect to mr. malcolm and with on going potential targets. arrestd by the f.b.i. on may 5 9, the very day malcolm was taken into custody. according to the affidavit, the man admitted sending chamberlain a package of the tox infrom a ups store and stating that the initial purchase of abrin would
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be a trial run and the if it was successful, would use abrin on a larger scale. he could not confirm the connection, but says malcolm indicated firearms wasn't all he dealt in. >> now, the federal prosecutors said in court today there are more than 50 cds full of material evidence in this case. in fact, there is so much evidence to be reviewed that they've actually held the case over until augustst. reporting live, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> now, meantime, he's still in a san francisco jail. a federal magistrate has ordered that he undergo a psychiatric evaluation. it's not clear, though, whether that will be completed by monday when he has his next court day. so far, he's charged with
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possession of an imlegal destructive device that carries a maximum of 10 years in prison. the evening commute, the afternoon giant's game and then this. a large tree that fell on to the freeway. this is near the allegheny boulevard exit. you can see the back-up on our traffic map. all of those red dots right there, crews are expected to have those lanes reopened within the hour. >> new details on the east bay amber alert case that turned into a homicide investigation. police arrested ortiz. today, she was charged with murder and child abduction. amador ortiz was charged with using a firearm u autotheft and possession of meth for sale. this say visits with their
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mother were always supervised by the order of the court. police issued an amber alert. when they couldn't locate the kids. >> within the past hour, a new warning about a sexual assault. the victim is a 13-year-old girl. they say it happened last friday on coral road. the girl was out for a walk in the middle of the day when three men pulled up in a burgundy sedan. according to police, they forced her into the car. >> vocal protest on the stanford campus today. a student accused of sexually assaulting another student will eventually be allowed to return to campus. nbc bay area is at stanford this emping.x3[9 >> reporter: the student who was found responsible for sexual
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assault will eventually be able to return here to campus. he has been accepted to grad school. he'll be denied his degree for now. he'll get that in two years. all of it not silting too well with students and even some faculty. >> reporter: chants for change. stanford students, once again, setting a message on behalf of senior leah francis. that is how francis says she is left to feel learning stanford will not expel a student that was already found responsible for forcibly sexually assaulting her while they were back home in alaska. >> losing a stanford degree is the most minimal consequence for something as horrible as rape. since francis and her alleged attacker dated before, she says the school ruled the circumstances did not show he was a continued danger to campus. >> i think a student who commits
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a sexual assault by force is by definition a danger to the stanford community. >> she believes stanford may be violating federal civil rights laws. >> i think that is a terrible road for stanford to go down. >> reporter: with students making their voices heard, it's important to note that we have not heard from the alleged attacker. the school has decided to deny him entry to grad school until 2016 and withhold his degree for two years. students who watch the protests had mixed opinions. >> i definitely think the school should be very sensitive to how she feels and the situation that she's been put in. but i think that he deserves an opportunity to receive an education, as well. it's just a difficult situation. >> a civiluation that continues to spark outrage. >> tonight, stanford says they cannot comment on this case specifically, bud they say they take all sexual assaults seriously and they will be
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working with students and others in the coming months on ways of approach to sexual assault cases.í$ of course, francis and her supporters saying that is absolutely not enough. we are live tonight on the stanford campus. >> just in, a break in, a 25-year-old murder case on the peninsula. a 45-year-old man was arrested for the killing of sheila hatcher back in 1989. hikers found hatcher's body in a ravine. she had been raped and beaten. on monday, sheriff's deputies tracked down gabriel o neil and >> the governor of texas is in hot water for what he said in san francisco. governor rick perry said he thought homosexuality was like alcoholism, something that you can choose to overcome.
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ñ jos us in san francisco. mark, this happened last night. i know you reached out to governor perry today. what's his reaction? >> reporter: well, we'll get to that in just a american it. first of all, rick perry was here at the conference talking last night at the commonwealth club. and they asked him about his views on homosexuality because, just this week, the republican party in texas endorsed so called conversion therapy, trying to change an individual's sexual orientation. the governor was asked did he think homosexual cans be cured? >> you know, i don't -- i'm not a psychiatrist. i'm not a doctor. >> perry started out sounding like he would step around the question. then stepped right into it. >> i may have the genetic coding that i'm inclined to be a alcoholic. but i have the desire not to do that. and i look at the homosexual
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issue as the same way. >> when he said that, there was some gasps in the audience. and that was palpable. >> greg dalton says he pretty quickly went onto another topic, but the statement is getting attention. >> he's going to get a lot of votes. >> he's lost in a different >> i think he's crazy. >> this woman told me she's from texas. >> wow. >> your texas governor. >> oh, it was our texas governor? oh, no. oh, no. >> dan karasack is a medical doctor. a ucf professor of psychiatry. >> first off, homosexuality is not a disease. >> he says the governor is incorrectly comparing disease to a yumpbt. >> the apa would say that rick perry's analogy is nonsense. >> reporter: so i contacted perry's office in texas, told them that we were going to be talking with his professor of psychiatry.
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maybe the governor wanted to expand or explain his komd parson. we got back a statement saying that governor rick perry supports traditional marriage. thinking that perhaps they didn't understand, we sent them a video clip. and, again, we got back the same response. he supports traditional marriage. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you, mark. we want to get back to our developing story in san leandr. just a few minutes ago, you're looking at video. the s.w.a.t. team reentering this home, searching for a man accused of committing violent crimes. just before 6:00 p.m. so just about 10 or 15 minutes ago, we saw this man surrendering. this all started around 4:45 this evening.
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shortly after, police went inside, they brougt out an elderly person in a wheelchair. police are telling everyone in this neighborhood to stay inside until the situation is over. this is off the marie 2345 kpits off of 880. >> still ahead, you've probably seen the commercials talking about reverse mortgages. we'll take a look on our reality check. plus -- >> i'm mary anne favereuax. the numbers are in. and when it comes to conserving water. the south bay is short. i'll have that story coming up in a live report. >> good evening. winds riegtsd now, a little bit gusty here across the bay. foster city gusting up to 15 miles per hour. we'll have more on how the winds will impact the forecast for tomorrow. plus, extremely strong hurricane in the pacific. details on this coming up in
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you can see it everywhere. dry brush all across the bay area. we are in a record drought. even though the governor has reported a state of emergency and asked us all to con sempb, it seems not enough people are lrning. a look at how the south bay really is on the brink of a desperate situation. >> certainly, jessica. most south bay cities are not meeting that 20% reduction goal ordered by the governor. so, now, cities are forced to get creative including here at central park in santa clara where they're working on a huge water recycling project. the water level is so low, you can see a car stuck in the bottom. a vivid reminder that we need to send less h2o down our shower
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drains and water our yards sparingly. new numbers show we still aren't doing enough to conserve water in the south bay. >> cumulatively, county wide, we're seeing about a 12% reduction, currently. that's through april. >> not even close to the 20% conservation goal set by the santa clara water district and the governor. if you look at the breakdown by city, gilroy is the poster child for conservation. using 32% letsz water this april than april last year. san jose water company, the largest water provider cut use 16%, santa clara, just 9%. but the director of water and sewer utility says the district's numbers don't tell the whole story. >> for the month of may, what we've seen is a 20% reduction to water sales versus may of last year. >> he also says santa clara has
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increased its use of recycled water. right now, crews are con verting a 1 1/2 million gal lonl pond to recycled water. changes like this go a long way but say we need to do more. here's why this is so troubling. if we don't reach that 20% goal, our ground water is going to reach a dangerously low level. and that means that down the road, we may be asked to reduce our water use by as much as 40%. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> when metal thieves strike, police don't have the resources to fight back. state lawmakers are working on new legislation for a task
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>> metal recycling companies are against the bill because they would stand to lose money. the state assembly has passed the bill last month. the state senate is considering it. >> people in wheelchairs r concerned that these additions might make it challenging for them to get in and out of the trains. next summer, bart will test two designs. they will order a thousand new trains. >> a new campaign is underway to stop residents from setting off fireworks. >> every year, children and teens r into using all kinds of fireworks. >> that's a public service announceme
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announcement. >> this is particularly crucial that we're in one of the most severe droughts. >> risk injury and property damage, they say go out, go to a community-organized display and enjoy the fireworks from a distance. >> july 4th, just a few weeks away. chief meteor olgts jeff rinieri. >> yeah, we just talked about those fireworks. we do have our june wild fire threat which is now coming in for the national fire agency. we do want to, you know, put out there that they are saying we have a significant wild fire threat. if any significant wild fires do have to spark, the possibility of them growing exponentially larger is at stake. you can see temperatures cooler than this time yet.
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windy throughout the peninsula. that cooler air aloft right noi, but then, as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast, temperatures are going to heat up. with some hotter air already starting to build in, it's starting to create some wind this evening. certainly five to seven degrees warmer in the bay. for the east bay, we're looking at 83 and an average of 78 in the south bay. what is this going to mean for weekend? we'll get you a preview here for the three-day forecast. we'll find our warmer day on saturday over the next three days. sunday, san francisco likely could jump up to 71 by saturday.
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but then it's going to start to go back down by sunday with fog returning. no way, no how it's going to happen like last weekend where we had triple digits. we're going to warm up, but 87 degrees is really going to be the hottest. raj and jess, we're going to have more on hurricane christine. we'll have the path of this coming up in about 25 minutes. >> all right, jeff, we'll see you shortly. >> ahead here at 6:00, it's up for grabs. why a premier bay area company wants to gich away some of its secrets. >> they are crossing the mexico border by the thousands. children escaping to the u.s. without their parents. why they're coming in record numbers and the problems it's causing. lawmakers on both sides are worried tonight. that's next.
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they're crossing the border
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from mexico into the united states by the thousands. undocumented children coming alone without their parents. the u.s. government says it cannot handle this influx. nbc bay area is with us and it's a polarizing political issue, but the problem is very real. >> reporter: very real, raj. the department of homeland security is calling it a humanitarian crisis. 50,000 unaccompanied children have entered the u.s. illegally. border patrol can't process them fast enough and now, reports of abuse. children slapped, shackled, sexually abused, left in deplorable conditions for days and not fed. most of the children are coming from central america, where they're trying to escape violence and poverty. others are trying to meet up with their parents already in the states. this is the time, their chance, to sneak into america. >> the perception is that there are no consequences to illegally entering the united states.
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>> those who crossí-v,= this country illegally are not eligible for docka treatment. >> these minors don't qualify which means they'll be sent home. members from both sides say this humanitarian crisis needs to be dealt with immediately. both the house and senate aprobe riegss committee has approved additional money to help border patrol address this problem. >> okay, thank you, janelle. there's a new report out that might provide some insight into how they act. the cdc just announced the results of a study involving more than 13,000 high school students. 30% of teens admitted to texting
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while driving. san francisco also had the second lowest rate of teens who had drove with someone who had been drinking. and more high schoolers spend more time on their computer than watching tv. >> for something like this to occur, it's kind of, like, was it worth it? >> still ahead, the unrest from iraq. what could be next for america's involvement in a crisis that many thought was over. >> a new record for san francisco. how the city is beating the big apple in one particular way. >> live in danville where there's great pride and interest in the world cup. one of the stars on team usa grew up here.
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want to go back to our developing news. they're searching for a man accused of committing violent crimes. just before 6:00 p.m., we saw this man surrenderingpñ?>ñ from vantage point of our nbc chopper. this all started around 4:45 this emping. you see the s.w.a.t. team entering at that point. shortly after, police went inside and broulgt out an
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elderly person in a wheelchair. police still telling emp to stay inside until the situation was over. they have gotten the man they were looking for. that suspect in custody now. the situation is over off the marina exit. >> so much so that the iraqi government is asking for help from the united states. today, the president left all ty÷ >> he served two tours in afghanistan and one in iraq.
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>> we're a part of the search through iraq. >> they were congratulated for a job well done in iraq. the war was over. mission accomplished. then came these recent images from iraq. >> i don't rule out anything because we do have a stake in making sure that these jihadists are not getting a permanent foothold. >> for something like this to occur, it's kind of like was it worth it? >> the marine is still a member ooft individual ready reserves. so he knows an escalation in iraq could send him back to a country he was told he already helped liberate.
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>> personally, there's a lot of anger. >> the u.s. is pledging more humanitarian help for the nearly 500,,000 iraqis displaced. since 2010, the united states has given $1.1 billion to iraqi refugees. >> on his way to the usa, sergeant bo birgdahl is flying to a military hospital in san antonio, texas. he should arrive at around 10:00 tonight. the pentagon confirming to fanb news his itinerary. he should be arriving in about four hours. he's been held in germany for the past two weeks. he was freed after being traded
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for five taliban soldiers. he's said to be in good physical condition, but not emotionally. >> protests in brazil today. officers using tear gas and protesters outside the stadium in another situation, protesters flipped a car. they say more money is needed just to support basic social sfrss in that country.+:/÷ back here at home, fans watch brazil defeat croatia. >> it's the biggest sporting event in the world.
6:34 pm
many will be keeping an eye on the bay area. we're joind in dan i have with our home toun product. >> you can think of the little league of soccer.]óí >> every step has been beyond expectation. >> the father takes off for brazil tomorrow. he can't believe that his kid who got to soccer while growing up in danville will go on the stage. >> i'm not just going to the world cup, but my son is on the team. people always knew he's be a star. >> he's worked so hard.
6:35 pm
he's a local guy. great example for the kids and adults. >> chris is also very active at delasalle, everyone getting mentioned in the alumni magazine when he was named the most valuable player in 2011. now, they hope he gets some playing time at the world cup. john looks at the mustang league now and thinks you never know what young soccer fans will grow up to be. >> there's 23 guys on the u.s. team and every one of them started at a place like mustang soccer.(vzn >> he comes to a lot of camps that we go to over the summer and it's really cool meeting him. >> another world cup connection here.kf if you can believe it, director of coaching for mustang soccer league played for the team usa in the 1990 world cup.
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>> our coverage of the world cup continues online at in the upper right-hand corner, click on did you know tab. >> still ahead at 6:00, tesla making a surprising aural. offer. >> and are the aufrs too good to be true? we take a reality check of those reverse mortgage officers. >> good evening. a little cooler today, but as we head towards the weekend, it's going to get hotter. we'll talk more about how the 68 will be shooting up into the 80s and who will reach close to 90 degrees in just a few minutes. plus, details on a very strong pacific hurricane. how strong hurricane christine is and where the paths r going in just a few minutes.
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its's becoming a trend, a high-tech chief operating officer is out and the company won't be filling 2 empty seat. twitter announcing that c.o.o. has resigned. his responsibleties will be shared by other executives. google, yahoo, apple and netflix all don't have c.o.o.s. he tweeted today good-bye twitter. it's been an amazing ride. i will cherish the memories. >> an unusual move by tesla. the electric car maker says it will open its patents to electric car tech fog.
6:40 pm
the c.o.o. says because of the global climate change, electric car technology has to move faster and that he wants to chair tesla's progress. too auch, these days, entrench the positions of giant corporations and push those in the legal profession rather than the actual inventers. >> how would you celebrate your 90th birthday? you'd jump and parachute, of course. 41st president made a tandem parachute jump. now, the president has a form of parkinson's disease?"zfñ has him confined to a wheelchair. but that did not stop him from a vow he made a few years ago to go sky diving. members of his famtly including former president george w. bush and his wife there, barbara, gathered to watch and give him a happy birthday case.
6:41 pm
>> you know who i could see doing that at 90? >> yes. >> ageless. >> it's right around the corner, too. >> a decent night for some sky diving. we'll talk more about some hotter weather for this weekend coming up in just a few minutes. >> mr. clutch, jerry west, speaks out on the warrior's new head coach. we've got that coming up. and the giants in need of a stopper and honey to the rescue again. highlights against the nets are on the way in sports.
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real estate market continues to roar back from the depths of recession. california home prices are the highest they've been in six years. the median sales price of the san francisco bay area has reached $617,000 in may. up nearly 19% from this time last year. the last time prices were this high was november, 2007 when the median was 629, $000. >> it's e.d. money that can help seniors ease into retirement. that's the etch to get seniors into those reverse medical report gangs. but what are they leaving out in these tv ads? nbc sam brock looks at the claim that you can get a reverse mortgage and keep your house. >> reverse mortgages aren't necessarily a risky endeavor. but they certain lich can. be. lenders give older folks some cash. it's a way of squeezing money out of your house if you're no longer earning an income. but there is a catch.
6:45 pm
that loan does have to be repaid with interest and fees. >> if you've been thinking about financial options for your retirementpb1a future and how provide some real security for you and your family, you really ought to consider a reverse mortgage. >> the ads pop up all over the air waves with celebrity pitch men like fred thompson talking about the slam dunk deal that is a reverse mortgage. for salinas native, her dad certainly bought it. >> he apparently saw a marvelous commercial on tv. he called the number. they sent him a c.d. >> a former military veteran of three wars, noreen's father no longer had income and needed regular money. >> it's the home that we were fighting so hard to keep in our family. >> how much money did you spend?
6:46 pm
>> 171,0 $0. >> the best part? you continue to retain complete ownership of your home.5yñ >> you see, this claim isn't exactly true. >> typically, the home -- the sale of the home is used as clalt ral to pay off the loan. >> that's issued by the federal run consumer protection bureau. as the agency shows, the home is squeezed for cash and then sold to pay it back. the report says when you move out, sell your home or die, your loan must be paid off. usually, the loan is paid off when the home is sold. >> what happens to individuals who aren't on the loan? you have an aadulthood child living with you who is disabled. you care for grandchildren who aren't on the loan? if you die, they don't get to stay in the home.
6:47 pm
>> any of these ads, i cringe. >> were you blind sided by that? or did you anticipate when your father died that you had to make some large payment? >> i had no idea it was going to be drawn out the way it was. >> per federal law, moore had to pay 95% of the home value. the lender can call the loan on the spot, as well. these are all things to consider when reverse medical report gang pitch men tell you this is a safe financial tool that lets you keep your home. 2 note for you here, san francisco the most expensive city to visit.
6:48 pm
survey compares the hotel stay, cocktails, dinner and taxi. the city has a cost of)4( $508. i say road trip to vegas, baby. >> i've been saying that whole new york, san francisco come parson for a while. it is so much more expensive in san francisco. the weather certainly adds a little bit of a touch. right now, the biggest change from 24 hours ago is a lot less fog. we still have some winds on shore, gusting to 22 with those clearer conditions at this hour. a sign of some warning to come our way.
6:49 pm
winds anywhere from 10-25 miles per hour as that hotter air starts to build in. it's going to create some wind force tomorrow, as well. let's get you to the biggest change over the next 36 hours. that is that trough of low pressure that stacked up the fog at the coastline. very thick, the past few days. it's going to skoot off to the east. it's going to help to keep those clouds burning off throughout tomorrow. high pressure builds in a little bit stronger. it's going to be good enough to get those temperatures a decent bump. you can see by saturday and sunday, a lot of areas going up by about 4-8 degrees. let's take you to the fog forecast, 7:00 a.m., yes, cloud cover at the immediate coastline. but, mainly, clear conditions expected for the trivalley. also, notice that fog really beginning to day pinnish as we head throughout 10:00 a.m. for tomorrow, again, signaling our warmer day.
6:50 pm
we'll go ahead and get you into the microclimate forecast as we head through our friday. doesn'? a little bit warmer there for morgan hill. we'll take you to the peninsula, 75 in san mateo. >> i do want to end with a major weather note happening across the western pacific and that is hurricane christine. bñ category 4, winds at 140 miles per hour making it the earliest second major hurricane to form in the pacific. by sunday, winds weakening to 65 miles per hour. this is the second strong hurricane within two months.
6:51 pm
>> what does all of this mean? potentially a sign that yes, in fact, el nino is the strongest beginning to develop. ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count.
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good evening. could the unthinkable actually take place at at and t park today? the giants have never been swept in a four game series on third and king since the yard opened. but after dropping the first three against the nats, the
6:54 pm
wrong type of history a possibility.qhñ a beautiful aver afternoon, bottom of the second,deep off the right archway. michael moore scores all the way from first. 1-0, g-man. tim hudson on the hill. top of the fourth. jason werth slapping a shot center field here. watch the jump pagan gets. he makes a diving catch. bottom of the eighth, 5-1, giants. hector sanchez adding a pitch hit to center. giants win 7-1 and that three-game slide is now history. >> there's a little more urgency behind some of the games. but not only from my point of view, but i think everybody, you know, everybody's attitude is a little different. there's a little different attitude and wirn the ball game. >> the late payne stuart
6:55 pm
remembered at the opening round of the u.s. open at pine hearst. here on 14, a pinpoint iron shot from lefty. the beauty leads to a bier dee. he's tied for 16th. 2010 u.s. open champ, grand mcdowel rolling in the eagle on the fifth. he fired a 68 and sits two under. tied for second with four others. everyone chasing mar kin khymer. on the par, drops in the putt for back-to-back bier dees. he's your leader after a five-under 65. the logo paid a visit to comcast studios today and spoke to jim cosamore about how the front office experience should serve him well in his prempblt role? >> he doesn't seem to be intimidated. he really likes this squad. if he didn't like this squad, he would be coming in saying we've got to do this, we've got do do that. i think at the end of the day,
6:56 pm
just moving from being a general manager to a coach, i think his role as a gm will make him understand. >> some vindication for colin kaepernick who has been completely exonerated in that miami incident several months ago. the state attorney's office concluded there was no evidence of a crime involving the 49ers quarterback, closing the case.i world cup fever officially here. our cameras were at mad dog in the fog and heat today. the brazilians and croates getting an all start since 1930. 11th minute, brazil's marcello
6:57 pm
kicks the pass. cro aurks tia up 1-0. now, giving the yellow card a questionable call, considering the flop that followed. so for brazil on the penalty kick, hits the back of the net 2-1. they'd go onto win 3-1. >> great to see that world cup action started. and the u.s. kicks off on monday against ghana. >> we have a lot going on. the world cup, u.s. open and giants baseball. >> wow. >> busy, busy. coming up tonight at 11:00, an in-depth look at tesla's decision to share its secrets with other countries. also, how the new violence in iraq could affect gas prices. >> all right. so drastic change in weather, but it is looking cooler now. >> a little bit hotter, actually, by the weekends. >> today, it was cooler. >> yes, you're right.
6:58 pm
>> it's kind of confusing lately.
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harrison ford airlifted to the hospital. the emergency on the set of "star wars episode vii" now on extra. harrison ford injured. what went wrong in london as he reprises his role of han solo. extra with breaking details today. where the newlyweds are hanging out, and the mystery playboy who lent them a $7 million villa. >> here's a hin, it's where i had my wedding. wendy


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